What I can do for you

When you come for counselling the 50 minutes are your protected time and space. You can bring anything you like.

I approach counselling from a place of compassion and curiosity because I find they prevent judgment and allow for new perspectives, ideas, insights and inspirations to emerge. You will often hear me say: “I wonder….”.

I am very good at listening, reflecting, holding tensions and being with you. I try to see the world from your perspective and occasionally I might share my viewpoint to support you.

I use a variety of counselling ideas in order to help you understand how your problems might have arisen. We can use these to identify unmet needs, notice what is present and what is missing in your life – what got lost.

We might discover, understand and challenge your unhelpful thoughts as well as beliefs. Together we can explore alternatives to these. We can find out what you can do to support yourself better, especially in-between sessions. This could include being kinder to yourself rather than being overly critical.

Maybe you know what you definitely do not want. Maybe you already have an idea what it is that you and I can do together to support you. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or confused. Whatever your starting point is, I will do my best to support you.

There is no charge for an initial phone conversation. Subsequent sessions are charged at a rate of £55 per 50-minute session.

Please feel free to contact me