“Come on girls!”, shouted my core ball teacher, “Find that point where you are most supported – this is where you do your best work!!!”.

Life is like that, isn’t it? Like the ball things are always moving: work, family, friends, health – there is always something that needs our attention, our energy to keep them stable. When we over-extend ourselves, not support ourselves enough or ask for help, it gets harder and harder to keep a healthy balance in our ever changing lives. We might find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed and too exhausted to keep strong. We might feel guilty or ashamed and think badly about ourselves. We might say things like “I suck at this”, “I am no good” or “man up”, “get a grip”.

For me my teacher’s words were very liberating and healing. They allowed me to be compassionate with myself. They stopped me telling myself I was too unfit and an embarrassment. They stopped me from packing up and leaving, never to return. Instead I told myself that it was okay to move further onto the ball as I was getting tired. I also took permission for my daily life: to look after myself better and ask for help without feeling like I failed in one way or another.

Maybe you are struggling to keep on top of things – where do you need to ask for help? Can you make things easier for yourself? Sometimes there just isn’t enough support immediately around us, then we might have to look elsewhere. Where and who could that be? What works for you?

Come on! Give the critical voice a rest. Allow yourself to find that point. I am cheering you on.