The Need for Quiet Time and Space

It can be difficult for a person when they experience the world differently to the majority of people around them. It might leave them feeling wrong and over time this can lead to the development of an anxiety disorder, depression, numbing behaviour or in extremis suicide.

People often come to counselling because they want to change who they are. They sometimes experience  unbearable feeling of ‘wrongness’ and with that isolation. Gestalt counsellors don’t aim to change a person. Instead they look to increase awareness and strengthen support so that their clients can be who they are (as long as no harm is done to self or others). Part of that is finding out how a client is having fun, how they recharge and what exhausts them. It is also about how their experiences have shaped them, discovering their particular gifts and appreciating themselves.


The video I share ticks all those boxes. I had a notion that introverts might find it more difficult to express themselves fully in arguments and generally make themselves heard and understood in stressful situations. I was also aware that an introvert might become more easily overwhelmed by intense emotions. So, when someone shared this video with me, I found it very useful and very empowering.