“When objects or atmospheres collide, energy is transferred, a new force may be created. And, as forensic scientists can attest, when objects touch they exchange traces, each leaves something of itself with the other”.   Stephen Boyce

Stephen Boyce is talking about the process of creating art and specifically the collaboration between artist. But to me he is describing, rather perfectly, the co-creation of the therapeutic relationship or indeed any relationship.

As a Gestalt counsellor I am always curious about what happens at the contact boundary. Where is flow and where is an absence of contact? Are there any blocks? How does the contact feel? Easy, sticky, prickly, on and off? How do we influence each other? How do we create and re-create experiences and relationships? Becoming aware of how we are creating contact can bring about healing, show up choices and empower us to choose more carefully with whom or what we want to stay in contact and create moments that amount to a colourful, vibrant life.